SAFE TO TELL - how safe is it?

A Documentary examining the real state of bullying in New Zealand Education from the perspective of one family trying to get justice for their three small girl children, expelled from a small Private School in West Auckland, because their daughter told about the bullying. 

The bullying was really bad.  It was constant, and done by groups led by a particularly charismatic bullyer who everyone else in the gang allowed to rule the roost.  The school policy on bullying said that they took these things very seriously indeed.  The school policy said that children who experienced bullying were to tell. 

The daughter told the teacher.  The teacher did nothing.  The daughter told the parents. The parents told the teacher.  The teacher did nothing.  The parents told the Manager.  The manager did nothing.  The parents kept telling.  The Manager threw out all the children.

The parents, aghast, tried to get the school to justify the expulsions, on the record.  The Manager trespassed them off the property for two years and called the Police.

The parents told the other parents.  They did nothing.  The parents told the Ministry.  The Ministry did nothing.  The parents told the Health and Safety.  The Health and Safety did nothing.

The Government announced that it was going to change the law in Private Schools.   The parents  waited to see if the new law would have protected their children’s rights to safety and to an education.  But the Government of New Zealand decided not to put any of this in the law saying that no evidence existed that legislating for children’s rights was necessary.

That’s when we thought, hold up, we’ve got the evidence.

And that’s when SAFE TO TELL was born.

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